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Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

Spiritual awakening it’s a healing process , healing your emotions, healing your own body, physical body and spiritual body. This process requires time, alone time.

And when you try to fit in your regular relationship things go wrong because you are not at the same frequency level any more.

You can  not have this type of relationship until you are fully healed in to you one body, your one mind, your one spirit, and you can not heal yourself when you are in those relationship because the emotions will mess you up and you will blame the other.

You have to know what twin flames are. Our planet isn’t ready yet to understand what those higher vibration relationships are the one which are going to really change our planet and shift us from current relationships that we are experiencing ( neediest, arguing, victims) all this weird things that we don’t really need to experience.

If you are experiencing these in your relationships and let them go, you are healing, you just need to have faith and love for yourself. Don’t get so hurt for your relationship, why aren’t they working anymore just open yourself to these energy and it`s a lot easier to go through, the pain will leave a lot more quickly.



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