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Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

We all have had difficulties at the beginning of our spiritual path, we all have felt misunderstood and sometime feeling lost in our thoughts, at these state our relationship with people for some reasons  gets complicated, lets see why…

When you are going through spiritual awaking you are going towards truth, to a higher level of awareness that others haven’t experience yet.

When you try to go back  and try to rebuilt you relationship with people, not necessary  a partner but in general , it won`t work, these people have not experienced what you have experienced.

Spiritual awakening experiences most of time are painful. If you are open to deal with the darkest parts within yourself, within humanity and you have the strength to be able to handle this kind of energy deep inside you.

Even when you may break down or you are passing through low period this is exactly what is required from you in order to go through it. If you have been through spiritual awaking you have this within you, you are stronger than most.

Some people are not able to see that there are other things out there, other ways to see life. But you feel it that something with this standard of life isn’t working and things must change.

When you go through spiritual awaking these becomes obvious and you can feel it in your soul that this is painful and this painful process in your life must be gone through, but people block it, consciously or unconsciously  by denying it because they are not ready. So relationships start being difficulty because you are so aware of things and your partner isn`t going to understand anything of it.

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