The Special Football Team Where All Players Are Called “Uebach”

The Special Football Team Where All Players Are Called "Uebach"

All eleven footballers, who were on the Friday night (07.04.2017) for the second team of the Spvg Niederndorf 09 from Freudenberg in the Siegerland, are called Uebach. Even the substitute players, coaches and trainers listen to this name. The match against Kreuztal-Littfeld ended 11:3 for the Uebach team, but the result was only a side issue.

About 1,700 people live in the Freudenberg district of Niederndorf. The name Uebach has a centuries-long tradition in Niederndorf. There are exactly two family lines. Every tenth is called Uebach – just like the stream that flows through the village. It runs parallel to Uebachstraße in the Uebachtal.

When the old men of the football club 2016 were on the team tour, A-youth coach Uwe (Uebach, of course) had the odd idea of ​​running once as a pure Uebach team. With his two sons, they were already three. A handful of Uebachs are currently active as footballers anyway. Two older ones were reactivated and three even got a whole new player pass – especially for the big game.

Newspaper, radio, television – everyone wanted to know something about the Uebach-Elf in the past days. “We did not expect that at all” says coach Markus Uebach. The co-initiator has a turbulent week behind him. From the funny idea, the result is a Kreisliga-D game, with an impressive backdrop: 700 spectators want to see the historic football game. The DJ is already ordered after the final wistle.

“In the gate, number 22, Niklas Uebach. With the number 2, XY Uebach. With the number 12, the captain Julian Uebach. With the number 15, Jonas Uebach […]” sounds incredible. Among them, about 50 spectators with the surname Uebach.

The term “historically” has to be handled very carefully, but the Friday evening in the village at Freudenberg in the Siegerland is memorable.

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