The Most Interesting Map of the World: Who in What Is the First?

There is one thing in which all countries around the world are the same, it is that we all think we are special and first in something! Here is a map that shows exactly that.

Argentina is the first in export of football players.

Honduras has the highest suicide rate.

Venezuela has the most beauty queens.

Peru has the most sand boarders.

Russia has the most nuclear bombs, but Australia is first by vividly in animals and skin cancer.

Uzbekistan is the furthest from the sea, according to the number of boundaries that need to be crossed.

Singapore is the first in scientific research.

North Korea is the first place for censorship.

New Zealand is first in rugby.

Japan is the first in the production of robots.

Côte d’Azur has the most deaths due to malaria.

Egypt is the first at the highest temperature.

Ethiopia has the largest number of children working.

Somalia is the first in the world in the number of pirates.

Palestine has at least cancer.

Sweden has the most atheists, but France has the most tourists.

Switzerland has the highest employment.

Norway is the first place in democracy.

Slovenia has the most gambling.

Bulgaria has the most homeowners.

Spain is the first place in the amount of cocaine usage, and the Czech Republic in the first place by quantity drunk beer.

Greece is first in smoking and consumed olive oil and Bosnia in the first place by the number of minefields.

Canada is the first in the production of maple syrup while America has the most Nobel Prize winners, and most hot dogs eaten.

In Mexico most people lightning strikes.

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