7 Worng Opinions About What Attracts Men

Often we can not achieve appropriate, harmonious relationship just because of a few thoughtless stereotypes and myths about men.

It is these erroneous opinions to help shape the way you behave towards the opposite sex.

7 things that erroneously  you believe:

Provocative clothing that reveals all

Some women believe that the more you show, the easier it will be noticed.Mistake. Men want nudity, but wrapped in elegance and femininity.

Look like model

Another mistake. Men love groomed women who appreciate its appearance, and it does not mean that it is expected to have proportions of 90-60-90.

Strong envy of her husband / partner

It is true that men want to protect you, but what also attracts is being sure that they themselves are strong and resourceful enough to be safe.

Men want “housewives”

In opposite, men are attracted to women who are their own as individuals, with their own interests and hobbies.

Rich sexual experience

Another mistake. Men appreciate sexual harmony, not experience.

“Crazy” behavior

Yes, if you seek temporary girlfriend for one or several nights. But if you require long-term relationship, they are more likely to require a wise, serious woman.

Want striking makeup

You will be amazed, but most men choose women who have a minimum of makeup itself. They never attracted pink dark shadows and lipsticks.

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