See What Kind of Person You Are by the Shape of Your Fingers

Have a fun with what you will see if the shape of the finger suit the given properties. Find his form and see if you’ve right described.

If you have this form of finger, you have a tendency to hide your feelings and you are often melancholic, pretend to be stronger and more independent than they are.

You’re very emotional, but fair, and hate lies, hypocrisy and fraud.

Although you are a little eccentric and arrogant, and not tolerate a lot of things still you have a big heart and want to help.

You want to laugh, so do it when you are not so funny. You are cold with the people that you are not close but you’re very emotional to their loved ones.

If you have this finger, you don’t take action when you need to turn to the people.

You’re correct, when you’re in love with someone, you pay full attention.

You are sensitive, but don’t show it often, and when you start a job, you want to end it.

Fear of injury, and pretend you are well when you’re alone, but actually you aren’t.

You will stay calm even when you feel uncomfortable because of somebody’s behavior. You look like a strong and independent person, but you are actually soft-hearted and it is easy to hurt.

You want to dream always someone who will understand you, will love you and will give you everything you want.

If you have this form of finger, you are not unforgiving person, just ignore things that you make angry.

You are sensitive and don’t like challenges, you don’t want to do anything you don’t know.

Respect the opinions of others, but you are big egoists, and yet when you disagree with someone, you apologize first.

Your feelings and problems keep to yourself. You want the people trust you, but also to depend on you.

You have a soft heart that can easily be hurted, because when someone apologizes you, you forgive him because you can not submit to disagree with people.

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