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How Drivers Do the Greatest Damage to the Engine

If you want your car engine lasts longer, you need to know what it favors the least, what it spends and what most shortens the life of the motor car.

Drivers engine inflict the most damage and shorten his life expectancy, when:

High speed when the engine is not warmed up

Even 3/4 engine life is spent in periods of cold start and warm-up to achieve operating temperatures, and only 1/4 of the rest during operation.

So it is of great significance to the engine warm-up period is shortened as much as possible. For this task the engine there is a thermostat – a device that only after reaching the operating temperature the engine fails coolant from the engine through the radiator. This moment usually be identified by the more significant return of the hands of the thermometer on the dashboard, which can be used to verify the proper operation of the thermostat.

While the engine is cold, to drive moderate and low engine speeds. Otherwise (high demands and allowing high speed during heating) can damage the engine.

Large gas and slow speed and engine

This includes – motor overload – eg. requirements for accelerating the vehicle hard-pressed the accelerator pedal while the vehicle is in 5th gear at a higher hill. Much has been expected of the engine, and he in such a low speed mode has no power and then the engine is warm enough, but poorly lubricated and therefore more intense wear.

Very high revs at high throttle. High engine speed without depressing the accelerator pedal (engine braking) less dangerous.

Very high revs at high gas

Very high revs at high throttle, then the engine is running with maximum torque and there is a risk that a change in the mode of operation. The kliipovi which is now too fast moving, can strike the valves a little slower “work” so that can destroy the engine. High engine speed without depressing the accelerator pedal (engine braking) less dangerous.

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