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What’s In The Black Box Planes?

What, actually, is the black box?

Whenever it comes to the tragic plane crash, yet the story of finding the black boxes. What really is it shown on the “YouTube” channel “What’s in there.”

The black box, which is not really black, was taken with the hunter “Mirage 2000”, but can serve as a good indicator of the condition in all aircraft.

It can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius and enormous pressure – up to 3,400 times the force of gravity. This is her need to preserve the extremely important data that can be used to determine what happened to the plane.

The purpose of the black box is to preserve the most important flight information (flight route, speed, altitude, sensor readings) audio connection, interviewed pilots and radio communication with air traffic control, as well as any other information necessary to determine the reasons for the decline.

Everything is stored on the chip, which is protected inside the box under a number of different layers of durable materials.

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