Titanic Replica Being Built In China’s Sichuan Province

Titanic Replica Being Built In China's Sichuan Province

The Chinese Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co. is being built the first full-sized replica of the Titanic, the passenger liner that sank in 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean.

In Sichuan province, China, 745 miles (1,200 kilometers) from the sea, the construction of the replica has started and this one probably won’t sink. The 882 feet (269 meters) long and 92 feet (28 meters) wide ship, will be docked in a reservoir in the Qijiang River near the hilly Sichuan village. The liner will be used as a tourist attraction. It will conscientiously replicate the original Titanic, with luxury first-class cabins, ballroom, theater and swimming pool. The guests will be able to dine and also stay overnight. Building team has been collecting blueprint fragments for many years all over the world, and as they say managed to obtain most of them. The Sichuan Titanic is expected to become a popular tourist place.

The original Titanic leaves Southampton, England, on April 10, 1912 for the first trip to New York. On April 15, in the early morning, after striking an iceberg the liner sank in the North Atlantic Ocean killing more than 1,500 passengers. In 1997, James Cameron film was a massive hit in China, while the 3D remake in 2012 broke the box office records. Obviously a story of a relationship between a poor young man and a rich girl is very attractive in China.

Wuchang is a ship-builder company that builds nuclear submarines and is owned by the China’s central government. The project cost is expected to run around $145 million (1 billion Yuan).

The Wuchang’s ship is not the first attempt of building Titanic replica. Australian tycoon Clive Palmer plans to build a working replica, the Titanic II. Unfortunately the company building has stopped working according to Australia media reports.

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