Fascinating Facts about the Eskimos

Fascinating Facts about the Eskimos

Eskimos, also known as “Snow Men” are a group of people who live in a freezing world of snow.

They live in Northern parts of North America and Greenland but also there is a small group who lives in eastern Siberia. Eskimos originated from Mongolians from East Asia. In the past they were called as the “Transformed Indians” because of their closeness with Indians.

Eskimos have unique lifestyle. While most of the people in the world use the modern technology, they still live in a native way.

The widely popular Igloo is temporary house they use as a shelter during their hunting trips in the winter. Igloos are constructed from ice blocks with a hole. The permanent houses they live in are very similar with the Igloos and are constructed of wood, whalebone and skin of seals. To keep their homes warm, they bury seal oil on the floor. During the cold winter Eskimos stay inside the house for several days.

Eskimos main food is meat. They hardly find any vegetables or fruit in the cold environment that surrounds them. Eskimos eat raw fish or meat from snow animals, but also cook the meat with seal oil.

Eskimos live by their culture and tradition. They work together to survive in the polar weather conditions and follow their group leader. Men are responsible for shelter and food, while women for cooking and creating clothes.

Eskimos wear the same clothes regardless of gender and age. The jacket that covers them from head to toe is made from polar bear or fox while their shoes are made of seal skin. They use the seal skin mostly in their clothing because it is waterproof material.

Eskimos as very creative people create miniature animals and boats. Also, they use animal skin for creating masks.

The Eskimo population is approximately 130.000.

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