Amazon Go – The First Checkout-Free Grocery Store

Amazon Go – The First Checkout-Free Grocery Store

Amazon has opened a grocery store where customers can grab the products they want and walk out without having to stand in a checkout line.

To use the Amazon Go, you need an Amazon account, smartphone and the Amazon Go app that can be downloaded for free. When entering the shop, the customer needs to open the app on their smartphone and check in holding it to a scanning device. Then the shopping can begin. When picking up items, the system using a combination of sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence adds them to the virtual chart of the app. But later, if the customer returns an item on the shelf, the app automatically removes it from the chart.

When the shopping is finished customer just leave the store. The app adds up the products they have taken and charges their Amazon account. Also the app takes photos when customers enter the store, pick up items and leave the store with products in their hands.

The first Amazon Go store is located in Seattle and can be used only by Amazon employees in beta. There are no cashiers and people can get milk, bread, cheese and fresh meals without having to pay at the checkout. The store will be available for the public in early 2017.

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