The Worst Club Logos in World Football

Every football club has a logo that represents it in front of the supporters and sponsors. Most of the badges are modern and well-designed but also there are some who desperately needs a revamp.

Here is a closer look at 10 of the worst club logos in world football:
new_york_red_bulls_logo-svgNew York Red Bulls (Major League Soccer, United States of America)The club owned by Red Bull, the energy drink company, has a logo that can be seen in every supermarket drinks section. The badge is a good advert for the company and only the words ‘New York’ relate to the football team.


s-s-c-_napoli_logo-svgS.S.C. Napoli (Serie A, Italy)The Serie A club badge looks very poor with the two blue circles and only a letter ‘N’ in the middle. The two shades of blue are inspired from the Gulf of Naples while the letter ‘N’ stands for their name. It looks modern, but there is nothing else on the logo like the year the club was founded or maybe a short Italian motto.


melbourne_victory-svgMelbourne Victory FC (A-League, Australia)The Arsenal’s like badge consists of the club’s name and the forgettable ‘big v’ symbol, colored in navy blue, silver and white. The large white chevron ‘big v’ is characteristic of the Victoria Australian rules football team while the colors are traditional for the state of Victoria, Australia.



2000px-hsv-logo-svgHamburger SV (Bundesliga, Germany)The blue rectangle with black and white diamond looks desperate. There is no info about the club or at least something for its 128-year history.



fc_zenit_1_star_2015_logoFC Zenit Saint Petersburg (Russian Premier League, Russia)The name of the club written in the Russian alphabet, with a yellow star above and 1925 (the year when the club was founded) bellow doesn’t represent a real football badge.


vfl_wolfsburg_logo-svgVfL Wolfsburg (Bundesliga, Germany)A logo with only a letter ‘W’ that denotes club’s name is the simplest football badge ever seen. Looks modern but it’s hard to believe that anyone can remember it.



bohemiansBohemians 1905 (Czech First League, Czech Republic)A logo with green kangaroo representing a football club in central Europe seems very strange. Following the tour of Australia in 1927, the team was awarded with two kangaroos, which were used as inspiration for the club’s current badge.


477px-ca_newells_old_boys-svg_Newell’s Old Boys (Argentine Primera División, Argentina)A club crest with classic shapes, black and red background and letters “NOB” in the middle is simply insufficient for the Lionel Messi’s old club and one of the best teams in Argentina.



valenciennes_fc-svgValenciennes FC (Ligue 2, France)
A swan with a long neck coming from the ‘VAFC’ sign doesn’t look fancy on this red and white logo.



fc_pacos_de_ferreira_logoF.C. Paços de Ferreira (Primeira Liga, Portugal)’Effort and Victory for Pacos’ is the best part of this badge, but the rest is honestly outdated. The Olympic circles on the top describe more the Olympic Games than the European football club.

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