“Snow Pyramid” Proves Ancient Civilization Lived in Antarctica?

Ancient Pyramids in Antarctica

Google Earth images show three four-side structures in Antarctica, very similar to the pyramids of Giza, build in Egypt. One of the pyramids is situated close to the coast and the other two lie approximately 10 miles inland.

Scientists believe Antarctica hasn’t been covered with snow and ice all the time in the past. Seems like, human civilization once populated the freezing region. In 2009 pollen was discovered in Antarctica, while in 2012, 32 species of bacteria were identified from Lake Vida on the east side of the continent. Those evidences are suggesting that maybe 100 million years ago the temperatures were very much above zero. According to Dr. Vanessa Bowman, maybe rainforests existed in Antarctica same as those ones in New Zealand today.

The construction of the pyramids in Giza is still a mystery. While most of the scientists believe they are built by slaves, there are also theories that extra-terrestrial beings helped in the construction.

Probably the Antarctica pyramid-like structures are formed when mountain peaks come out from the glaciers. But if experts prove they are made by humans, our understanding of human history will be changed, according to Dailystar.

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