Simple Exercises To Correct Bad Posture!

Tilting the head forward in the famous “smartphone” pose, and such a posture in a higher or lesser degree, is one of the omnipresent disorder in humans around the world. What you should know is that every inch of head movements forward, resulting in new kilograms of pressure on the cervical vertebrae. In other words, according to the calculations of experts, the standard pose in which most people seem to be while looking at the screen of their mobile phone, carries about 35 pounds of pressure on the neck.

Pushing the chin


Pushing the chin to the back, a simple exercise that helps correcting posture, strengthening the neck muscles. It can be performed in a sitting and standing position, and when mixed “capture” perfect pose posture leaning back against the wall.

Put your shoulders back and slowly drop out. Two fingers on the chin and gentle pressure push the head back. Hold the final position for a few seconds, and repeat the cycle. The more this exercise is performed, the effects are better, and what her favors, is that it can be run at any time and anywhere.

Wall Angel


The exercise known as “Wall Angel”, performed solely relying wall. Knees should be slightly bent, and back and head hit the wall. Position your hand is such that the protruding and bent forms a “W” shape. In the second count, his hands moving up, and forearms come to a position parallel to the ground. The end point should be such that the arms are fully horizontal and back and head still firmly against the wall.

Stretching at the door


The exercise, which is ideal for stretching the chest muscles and improves posture even before the start of the cervical spine, performed simply relying on hand-frame doors. Rely on one hand on the frame, so that the forearm is parallel to the ground, and the fingers pointing upward. Step forward so that felt tightening of muscle fibers chest, and hold this position for 10 seconds. Do the same with your other hand, and all repeat a few times.

Stretching knee


These are exercises that operates on hips flexors, which begins step forward and leaning his hands over his knees and lowering the other and relying on the ground. Simply push your hips forward while both hands resting on the front foot, and this until you feel stretching the hip flexors.

Please note that the chin parallel to the ground, and that the abdominal muscles tighten. Hold the position for half a minute, and do the same with the other leg.



An exercise that can be performed at home, and which requires only proof strip, the primary objective of the back muscles, affecting their strengthening and correcting posture as a result.

The arms take the opposite ends of the tape, to form x-shape, and drag the hands as much as possible back. Do 8-12 repetitions of this exercise, in three series.



According to a study of Scandinavian scientists, this exercise can fix posture and drastically reduce the pain in the neck and shoulders, and it is performing a period of only 2 minutes, 5 times a week.

In a standing position, step one foot forward and foot foreleg stop in the middle of resistant tape. The ends of the strips outstretched hands pull up to the end point, a brief stop, and then return to starting position. The above-mentioned exercises performed for 2 minutes.

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