How to Get Out Alive From a Sinking Car (Video)?

If car end up in a water instead of in a tree many will probably do as “a better outcome” traffic accident.

The water will effectively absorb and disperse the force of impact, and will also cause less physical damage to the car, but the chances are greater that you will get away without any serious injuries. Of course, if you get out.

Landing car into the sea, lake or river does not happen often as other traffic accidents, but that does not mean it is any less dangerous. Depending on the car, the sinking process begins very quickly, and because of the difference in pressure usually is impossible to open the door until the water is completely filled car, a pressure outside and inside the vehicle becomes equal. At the bottom of the sea, lake or river. Sounds awful, does not it?

It was the biggest cause panic tragic epilogue. Although we believe that it is difficult to keep calm as the interior slowly fills with water, and the car uncontrolled collapse of the water mass, the priority is just to keep a cool head.


The shock and disorientation will disable you to sober thinking but the first step is escaping the logical. The minute try to open the door. This should be possible by the time the threshold of water does not exceed one-third the height of the door. If the door can not be opened for any reason, the next move should be to lower the window. We know what you think. Will not the water cause a short circuit of the electrical system to raise the window? Practice has shown that the electrical systems on the car work for some time, including electric windows.

If by any chance the system does not work, you will have no alternative other than breaking glass. Forget the windshield unless it is not significantly damaged during landing in the water so it can break foot. Instead, concentrate on driving glass that is not as easy to break as it might seem. For breaking the glass concentrate all the power stroke, clothing protected elbow or any severe hard object in the lowest point in the middle of the surface.

It would also be good to keep your safety belt by the time ensuring retreat. In this way you will not lose support, or end up in an awkward position if the car starts to rotate when decay. As in the case of doors, the glass is needed to break immediately how water would reduce the force of impact. Even if the water starts to penetrate through the broken window anyway should without any major problems emerge from the vehicle.

We strongly recommend the purchase of a hammer to break the glass, which can be seen in public transportation, and his posture in front of the passenger compartment in the event of an emergency. This practical aids are often equipped with a knife that can cut through a seat belt if you get stuck.

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