Fastest Street Legal Production Cars

Hennessey Venom GT

There are countless ways to measure a car’s performance and the most popular is the top speed. Here is a short list of the world fastest production cars by the top speed, considering that the line between street legal production car and super race car is very thin.

McLaren F1 (240 mph)

McLaren, the well-known Formula 1 race team intention was to make an ultimate road-going supercar. With 6.1-liter BMW M V12 engine, carbon-fiber body, and center driver’s seat, the F1 is one of the fastest cars in the world. In the past the F1 was very successful in racing also, winning the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1995.


Koenigsegg CCR (242 mph)

With 4.7-liter V8 engine and a carbon-fiber body, the Swedish supercar held the “world’s fastest” title when reached 242 mph in 2005 at Italy’s Nardo Ring.


Saleen s7 Twin-Turbo (248 mph)

With exotic styling and insane performance, the Saleen S7 is one of the best supercars ever made. With its powerful engine producing 750 hp, the car could reach 60 mph for 2.8 seconds.


SSC Ultimate Aero (256 mph)

Designed by the anonymous Shelby SuperCars (SSC) company, with 6.3-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 1,287 hp, the vehicle hit 256 mph in 2007.


Koenigsegg Agera  (260 mph)

The successor to the Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR in 2010 was named Hypercar of the Year by Top Gear Magazine. With its 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 940 hp, the car can hit 62 mph for 3 seconds.


Bugatti Chiron (261+ mph)

The Bugatti Chiron is the successor of the marvelous Bugatti Veyron, designed by the Volkswagen Group. The Chiron beast named by the famous Greek mythology centaur, hit 261 mph with its 1500 hp.

Bugatti Chiron

Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph)

With 7.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing 1,244 hp and Lotus Elise chassis, the Hennessey super car reached 270.4 mph in 2015 at the Kennedy Space Center. The record is not recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, because the top speed was reached only in one direction. When attempting a speed record the run must be done in both directions because of the wind conditions, and the average value is taken.


There are many other cars worth mentioning like Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 mph), Pagani Huayra BC (238 mph), Zenvo ST1 (233 mph), Noble M600 (225 mph), Apollo Arrow (223 mph) and Lamborghini Veneno (221 mph).

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