Augmented Reality Glasses, Apple’s New Secret Product?

Augmented Reality Glasses

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple is working on digital glasses, their new secret product. For testing purposes, they have ordered small quantities of near-eye displays and the product is expected to be introduced in 2018.

According to Apple insiders, the device will be able to show information, maps and images to the user’s field of vision and could connect to the iPhone using wireless. There is a possibility glasses to be enabled for AR (augmented reality). AR adds digital information to spectator‘s view of the real world.

Tim Cook, the current Chief Executive Officer of Apple, says that AR is a great commercial opportunity and will bring great things to the customers. The location-based game Pokémon Go already uses this technology.

Apple plan to build small and sleek enough internet-connected glasses for regular use. Looking at the current available technology, the components that are needed as chips and batteries are not small and powerful enough to satisfy the requirements. Also the idea is not new and unique, and having Google’s Project Aura and Snapchat’s Spectacles as competitors Apple has really hard challenge in front of them.


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