World’s First Underwater Bar

Drinking cocktails and hanging out with your friends in an underwater bar sounds amazing and hard to believe. That’s not the case for the people who have a chance to visit Clear Lounge, the first underwater bar located on the Mexican island of Conzumel.

The bar is set in a 13,000 gallon (59,100 liters) transparent aquarium and offers some unusual entertaining activities.

First, guests must watch the short video for how they can spend their time inside the tank safely. After, specially designed helmets are placed on their heads so they can enter the bar, shirts and shoes are not needed. There is no ordering drink because the helmet is filled with citrus or mint scented oxygen that is taste during the underwater adventure.

Table reservation is not needed; visitors can move around or dance and play games like underwater Jenga or shooting bubble guns. With writing messages, guests inside the aquarium can interact with the spectators outside the glass. Also, there is a photo box, where a photo with the specific digital wall background can be taken.

The underwater adventure lasts around 30 minutes and no swimming and diving experience is required. The company that stands behind this project is Sub Sea Systems whose primary target is innovative and aquatic entertainment.

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