What Are The 7 Most Innovative Countries In The World?

Each year the World Economic Forum makes ranking to the competitiveness of countries in the world. One factor taken into consideration is the quality of innovation, which include research universities, cooperation between higher education and industry, the number of patents, as well as engineers and scientists in each country.

Here are the top 7 most innovative countries that chose Business Insider.


The results of the Netherlands are particularly high with regard to the quality of scientific research institutions, as well as proximity to the links between universities and the private sector. The country has seen successes in the field of social innovation.


Sweden has seen several major successes in the technology sector in the last decade as online payments company Klarna estimated at 2.25 billion dollars. Other examples include the development of startups portable card reader iZettle and Spotify, estimated at $ 8 billion.


Berlin is one of the leading technology centers in Europe and home to companies like SoundCloud and startups to develop applications for banks N26.



Say “innovation” and “US” in one sentence and most people will think of Silicon Valley. But the United States is a center of innovation with centers like Massachusetts, home to Harvard and MIT.


WEF said i Finland, he was “well positioned in terms of innovation.” The country has a capacity of scientists and engineers and high level of cooperation between universities and industry.


Israel is often called the land of startups. Along with that the state is ready to provide special visas for entrepreneurs. Israel is also a leading center for startups to cyber security.


Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world. The state undoubtedly has one of the world’s most innovative ecosystems, combining very favorable political environment and infrastructure, academic achievement, exceptional facilities to attract the best talent and large multinational companies, which are often leaders in their sector.

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