Things Personnel On The Plane Wants To Say, But Must Not Tell You

In order to keep their job, the staff on the plane often keeps saying. “Business Insider”questioned the stewards and stewardesses around the world, which is the one thing you would often want to tell their passengers, and they should not.
More than 60 of them shared their experiences and the portal has published some of the most constructive thought that the staff on the plane often wanted to say somepassengers, instead of with a smile often remain silent.

“Be careful. You are not only in matter. ”

“If your flight is delayed, you’ll probably miss and all related flights that should transfer. No one will hold the plane just for you. ”

“No, you can not get three different drinks. Do not you see that we are waiting for another 100 people?”

“Public transport is not for everyone. If you have such high requirements for all, get a private plane. ”

“There’s always a reason why we speak certain things. I do not speak for ourselves but for you. Our mission is to work according to the rules and regulations of the Federal Administration for administration and security risk if we do not tell what we have to told. ”


“Why you did not have in mind that there may be a delay of flight, but you have already booked the next flight 30 minutes after landing the first?”

“Stop calling us all the time for things we can not change. Not the staff on the plane chosen internet, did not choose what will be space for legs, nor our decision to charge things on the plane. ”

“Even though it sometimes seems that we have forgotten to you and what you are looking for, believe me not. The plane often does not have enough staff for all, so be patient. ”

“We are here to help you in case of an accident, do not you suck up and lingers.”

“We are not your service, maid, waitress or nanny.”

“Just because you are traveling in first or business-class does not mean that you are the most important. People in other classes are also paid for their tickets and deserve our attention as much as you. ”

“Clear for you!”

“You’re on a plane surrounded by beautiful scene around you, and you continue to shout because it is not on the TV screen, which you can watch at home.”

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