How To Quickly Get Rid Of Colds

Cold takes an average of between five and seven days and although it works as a something that can not be avoided, but there are ways of prevention.

Many of us may have a virus in it, but without any symptoms, which means that we can ensure our immune system enough that can prevent cold symptoms. These are some of the ways.

Do not worry about taking a vitamin C intake of this vitamin will not achieve the prevention of colds, except in rare cases with professional runners and athletes.


Zinc can reduce the duration of cold symptoms if taken within 24 hours of the first symptoms. The zinc reduces sipmtome colds, according to several studies, while others claim that strengthens the mucous membranes of the nose, thus reducing the ability of the virus to be “hooked”.

With the consumption of zinc should be careful, because if used in the long run, can cause nausea and affect the appearance of ugly breath.

If the person next to you have colds sneezing, avoid touching your nose and eyes. The virus enters the body mainly through the team. Regularly wash your hands and be careful when touch objects, sneezing because bacteria can get into the various items.

Bundle up warm. Most people think that the cause of colds going to cold air with wet hair or when you are sweaty. However, it turned out that our mother is somewhat right, if the virus is already in your body. Going out with wet hair will only help the virus to spread throughout the body.


Drink plenty of fluids. Water is said to help in unstoppering nasal cavities, making it easier for blowing the nose and coughing. It helps with faster sweating when it comes to high temperature, as well as hot drinks with honey.

Stress is known to have an adverse effect on the immune system, so if you feel that you stew cold, be sure to avoid the stress of this situation.

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