Have You Ever Wondered How The Popular Companies Got Their Names?


How did the Ikea, Lego, Pepsi and many others got their names?

Business Insider brings the answer to the question:



Swedish founder Ingvar Kamprad chain came up with the name of the company was merged by its initials with the first letters of the city and the property on which he grew up – Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.



Name of company known dice comes from the Danish words “Leg Got” which in translation means good game.



The first known beverage called Brad’s Drink, after the inventor Caleb Bradhamu but time del is named after the word “dyspepsia”, ie diseases of the digestive organs. The drink is supposed to prevent problems.


Reebok is named after the combination of African-Danish words “rhebok” which refers to a type of antelope. The name is supposed to represent the speed and grace.



The name of this company is a derivative of the Latin word ‘sonus’ meaning sound, and described in the slang of young men from Japan fifties who is smart and presentable.



The company owner Jeff Bezos thought he should come up with a name for the company so that it starts with the first letter of the alphabet to always be at the top of the list. Name the largest river was one for which he felt that he would make big business.



The original name was “Kwanon” is the name of the Buddhist goddess. 1935 was changed to Canon because they have received numerous complaints.



BlackBerrys name is actually associations with blackberry because its keyboard reminiscent of the fruit trees.



One colleague Richard Branson said that they were “total device in the business” and the company was subsequently named Virgin.



Named after the code for the project and its founders, worked for the CIA. It was a database that is supposed to know the answer to every question.

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