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Fractals – The Perfect Images

A fractal is a mathematical object, self-similar at all scales. It’s infinitely complex pattern, driven by recursion and the “parent” structure can be found in every little piece of the fractal structure, at different levels they are nearly the same.

Fractals as pictures of Chaos can be created with repeating a simple equation in an ongoing self-calling loop. They have interesting characteristics from mathematical point of view and are usually nowhere differentiable. Their length can be measured in the same way like the length of areas of surfaces or curves. With using computer graphics amazing fractal images can be made.


Fractals can be found in nature, a lot of forms contain the fractal patterns like: trees, seashells, snowflakes, flowers, rivers, coastlines, clouds and etc.

Here is a list of amazing natural fractal patterns:

Snowflakes contains repeating patterns of crystallized water


The San Francisco Bay, one of the world largest salt flat present consistent but random pattern


The path that lightning is forming when approaching ground


Himalayan Mountains, including the world’s highest peak


Leaves like many plants using recursion when making their branching shapes


A form of cauliflower contains the Fibonacci (golden spiral) pattern


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