Finally Solution to The Mystery: Here’s Why Disasters Occur in The Area of The Bermuda Triangle

Scientists believe they finally managed to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle after they spotted strange hexagonal clouds in the area.

Bermuda Triangle is 500,000 square kilometers ocean which is associated with many disappearances of ships and aircraft.

This deadly triangle has always represented the unexplained mystery, but a group of scientists believe they finally found what lies behind this mysterious area.

And, judging them, it is a hexagonal clouds in the North Sea.

“It is almost impossible to see clouds with a real edge. In most of the time clouds have completely random forms “, says Dr. Steve Miller, meteorologist at the University of Colorado.

Using satellites, scientists have tried to find out what exactly is going on in these clouds and winds found that sea level reached speeds of more than 300 mph.

These winds are powerful enough to create waves that are up to 15 meters.

“These kinds of hexagonal shapes are essentially aerial bombs falling on the sea surface and create huge waves,” explains meteorologist Randy Cerveny.


Such waves are big enough to ship tipped over, and the wind speed can pull a plane to surface.

The greatest recorded in the Bermuda Triangle accident occurred when five bombers from the United States vanished after their crews had reported compasses ceased to function.

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