Fascinating US Presidential Facts You Never Knew

There are many strange and unusual facts about U.S. presidents who may never have heard of. We will find out interesting details from the life of U.S. presidents, which will revisit the things you know about politics.


Gerald Ford: male model


Gerald R. Ford is known in American history as the only president who was never elected. He became president after Vice President Spiro Agnew and then President Richard Nixon withdrew.

But few know that in his youth he had a successful career as a male model. He was even on the cover of the famous magazine Cosmopolitan.

Teddy Roosevelt’s double tragedy


Teddy Roosevelt at the young age was a prominent member of parliament in New York.

He married with the woman of his dreams, and waiting a child. But the unthinkable happened which changed his life.

On 13 February 1884 after childbirth suddenly his wife had kidney failure. At the same moment his mother collapsed from typhoid fever.

The next day his mother and wife died

Richard Nixon: poker shark


Richard Nixon’s whole political career due to playing poker.

He while serving in the Navy during World War II, learned to play poker great and earned thousands of dollars and spared them.

After returning home, he used $ 5,000 of earned money to his first campaign for Congress.


Calvin Coolidge: the thief whisperer


Тhere is a little-known story of Coolidge describing his character.

Once elected president, there is a delay in moving to the White House, and he is staying at a motel nearby. Overnight burst thief who scoured the room.

Coolidge instead to call security, he asks why steal his wallet. The thief replied that he was a student and he needed money for the train ticket to be able to return to college. Coolidge allowed him to leave and even lent him $ 32 for a train ticket. The student later returned debt.

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