Experts Recommend: Top Destinations For 2017

Those who already dreaming of a vacation in the next year, the website adopt us a list of the top destinations which are worth for visiting.

This travel company published a list of top destinations that should be visited in 2017, and led Canada, which then follows Colombia. The highest value according to this list possess Nepal and the best opportunity for adventure you get if you travel to North Wales.

The list provides the hottest trends, destinations and experiences, highlighting the top 10 countries, cities, regions and places the utmost value.

This year experts that drawing up the list believe that Canada is the best country to visit in the next year thanks to its beautiful countryside, polite hosts, the weak Canadian dollar and good food.


Canada over the next year and will celebrate its 150th birthday with a number of developments that provided the occasion celebration.


Colombia is still in second place thanks to its rich culture, nature and hospitality. Experts from LonelyPlanet say that the country ruled for decades a civil war that left behind a rich history.


Meanwhile Finland has taken the third place with a whole host of events planned for the centennial of the country next year, including concerts, a variety of culinary experiences and sauna evenings.


Experts recommend to visit Machu Picchu before the opening of the cable car Chogegirao.

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