Biggest Gold Nuggets Ever Found

Gold seeking is a hobby for a lot of people but only some of them have been lucky and managed to find a gold nugget that can bring them significant amount of money.

Few months ago in central Victorias’ Triangle, Australia a 4kg gold nugget has been found by anonymous prospector. Minelab, metal detector manufacturer was very pleased to announce the story about the discovered gold nugget named Friday’s Joy, which price could be around $250,000. The prospector found the peace of gold 12 inches under the ground, firstly thought it was old horseshoe or forgotten peace of steel, but later he couldn’t believe what he has found.


Because of the advanced technology and so many gold seekers it’s very hard to find gold nuggets with this size. But this is not a case for the anonymous prospector who is spending the last 10 years in searching for golden items during the weekends. This discovery caused excitement all over the world and it is inspiration for many citizens in Victoria’s area to start a new gold rush. The found gold nugget will not be exposed and a copy will be made for presentation.

Here is a list of the biggest gold nuggets ever found:

Welcome Stranger Nugget – It’s the biggest nugget ever found, on 5 February 1869 in Dunolly, Victoria, Australia with weight of 72.02 kg. After, it was melted down and transported to the Bank of England.


Welcome Nugget – Found on 9 June 1858, in the Ballart gold fields Victoria, Australia, with weight of 69 kg. The nugget was melted down and golden coins were made by the London mint.

Hand of Faith Nugget – in 1980 Australian miner discover the nugget in Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia, with weight of 27.2 kg. After, it is sold to the Las Vegas, Nevada Golden Nugget Casino.

Perth Mint Nugget – Found in 1995 in the Kalgoorlie Region, Western Australia, worth around $1.3 million. A mining company from Australia owns this nugget.

Alaskan Gold Rush Nuggets – In 1899 in the beginning of the gold rush in Alaska, few significant gold pieces were found with weight 3 kg, 5.1 kg, and 2.7 kg. The price of the largest piece is around $300,000.

Largest Gold Nuggets

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