Aerovelo – Fastest Bike in the World

Driving bike at speed around 90 miles per hours sound amazing and impossible, but that’s not the case for Aerovelo, Canadian company for human-powered technologies. The Aerovelo team set the new human-power speed world record on September 16, 2016, in Battle Mountain, Nevada, driving on Highway 305 at 89.59 miles per hour (144.17 kilometers per hour).

Aerovelo build bullet-like shaped bike called Eta that can be driven by human at high speeds. The aerodynamics design of the shell lower the wind resistance while using carbon fiber to build the frame enables low weight, high stiffness and high tensile strength. The vehicle is windowless and for navigation the pilot is using on-screen display which provides image from dual SD cameras. Only from the display the driver can see what’s outside the vehicle. The bike is design for only one person and to reach 90 kilometers per hour only 198 watts of power is needed.


During the competition at Battle Mountain the pilots have 5 miles (8 kilometers) section to build speed and after, there is 218 yards (200 meters) section where the highest speed is measured. For Aerovelo the competition didn’t start as it was planned. The rough roads made damage on the main shell and the smooth surface which was accomplished with many hours hard work of waxing and polishing. Fortunately the team managed to prepare a new shell which brings the new human-power speed world record, 2.9 mph better than the previous one. Todd Reichert, one of the Toronto-based team was the pilot who provided the incredible results.

This projects was sponsored from few well know institutions as Google, the University of Toronto, GMC and Visual Unity.

This is not the only world record provided by Aerovelo. Previously they had the longest flight with human-powered helicopter which brings them the Sikorsky prize of $250,000 and also the longest flight with human-powered ornithopte.

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