9 Days Without Sugar? The Result Is Dramatic

The complete avoidance of sugar even in the short term there are dramatic results showed new study.

Although not giving any food alike sense of reward, for most of us achieved the sugar. Although the fruit is an important input for good, modern diet went in another direction. For example, about 10 years ago the average American consumed 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day (that’s an extra 350 calories), while one expert recently said that the average Briton consumed 238 weekly teaspoons of sugar.

Given today’s food industry, it is almost impossible to find processed foods that do not contain added sugar, of which most of us are already accustomed. In the same way nicotine and heroin addictive increased neurochemicals and evidence behavioral changes prove that sugar causes addiction.

What happens when you dump sugar in the diet?


Disposal of sugar from the diet of nine days can have dramatic results and improve health, according to a new study published in the respected magazine Obesity. It was thrown out sugar from the diet of 43 teenagers, and scientists have proved that the problem of sugar in the diet does not lie in the number of calories, but the difficulties which are the body when it boiled.

“We noticed a dramatic correction in levels of all children in the study, all of them get better. The research, encourage children to eat even more than before, and assured them that their weight will remain the same. Although it reduced the number of calories, weakened, “said study leader Robert Lustig.

The more sugar there is in the diet, the more unhealthy we eat.

People who consume too much sugar, often snub quality food. For example, rarely eat whole grains, non-alcoholic soft drinks replace milk, natural juice and the like.

“Calories from sugar are the worst, because the liver is converted into fat and increase insulin resistance and increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and liver,” said Lustig.

After only nine days restriction of fructose, the results are significant and present in all entities.

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