5 Unusual Weapons Used in World War II

In the World War || a lot of advanced weapons were presented on the battlefields, some of them producing great results and becoming famous, others bizarre and not so glorious.

Here is a short overview of 5 unusual weapons used during the World War II:

Exploding Rats

In the World War || British secret agents were using camouflaged bombs that look like suitcases, bicycle pumps, soap and even rats. Their purpose was to be less detectable and to surprise the enemy when least expected. The most interesting devices were the explosive rats. The plan was to put rodents filled with plastic explosive between coal and close to a boiler. When they were spotted, the enemy in panic reaction would throw them into the fire causing a massive explosion. The Germans found out about the plan and intercepted a container with dead rats. The plan didn’t cause the intended trouble but kept the Germans busy with chasing explosive rats at the time of the war.

Hobart’s Funnies

Percy Hobart developed some modified tanks for the British Army that were used for overcoming the problems that standard tanks can’t. In that way The Sherman Crab armed with a mine flail was used for mine detonation on the tank’s path. The AVRE Bobbin was carrying a canvas cloth that can be unrolled onto the ground and form a path so the vehicles behind would not sink when traveling on to soft ground. The AVRE Bridgelayer was equipped with a small box bridge designed for crossings of narrow waterways and ditches.


Anti-Tank Dogs

On the Eastern Front the Soviets were using dogs, armed with explosive to destroy the German tanks. The initial intention was to train dogs to carry explosive with its teeth, drop the explosive near enemy tank and come back to the trainer. The main plan didn’t succeed so the alternative plan was used. The dogs were kept hungry and thought that there is a food under the tank, so they run into it and exploding near the enemy target. During the World War II around 40,000 suicide dogs were used and the Soviets destroyed around 200 German tanks applying this strategy.

Goliath Tracked Mine

The Goliath Tracked Mine is a small demolition vehicle (battle tank) controlled remotely, used by Germans for transporting small bomb (60 or 100 kilograms) for destroying buildings, bridges, dense infantry and tanks. The vehicle didn’t produce the expected results because the payloads were very small, the tank was hard to control and was very slow. Today the idea is used for developing the modern robots.


Dora and Gustav Rail Cannons

The world’s largest cannons were constructed by the Nazis to destroy well protected dumps and rich high distance targets. They were transported in pieces and 4,000 men were needed to put all of them together. The cannons were an easy target for the enemy bombers because the gun was enormous and was transported only via a rail system. From these two 31.5-inch caliber cannons, only Gustav was used during the siege of Sebastopol in 1942.

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