Is LED Lighting Dangerous to Health?

The US scientific association in June announced a warning that highly sensitive LED street lights emit invisible blue light that can interfere with the rhythm of sleep and increase the risk of serious health problems such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The association also warned that LED lights can worsen night vision driving, writes “The Washington Post”.

A similar concern arises over the past years, but this warning is added to the seriousness of the problem and could compel cities (at least those in the US) to reflect the intensity of which use LED lights.

LED lights have 50 percent higher energy efficiency than normal and last 15 to 20 years instead of two through five.


It is interesting that some US cities say that health concerns are not sufficiently compelling to override the welfare of LED street lights.

A spokesman for the city’s energy company, “Seattle” told me that the LEDs do not emit any more problematic blue radio waves from most computers and televisions.

One of the main functionary of the Phoenix, Mark Hartman, said that they would be able to switch to a combination of old and LED lights, so the older lights used in the neighbourhoods in which they lived, and the LED on large streets and intersections. He said that he would certainly take into account the health arguments even though he also mentioned computers and televisions radiation.

In the US, the government encouraged the states and local governments to LED street lights as soon as it became available. Critics argue that it is a little rushed.

“LEDs are the first generation really have a negative impact on people’s psychological and physical well-being,” said Michael Siminovitch from the University of California.

Brightness is measured by the color and temperature and is expressed in Kelvin (K). Original LED street lights had a temperature of at least 4000 K which produces a bright white light with a large amount of invisible blue light.

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