Elon Musk’s Plan for Colonization of Mars

The owner of SpaceX, great engineer and inventor Elon Musk explains his vision for human colonization of Mars. He doesn’t just want people to visit Mars but to build a self-sustaining civilization there.

In the past few years life on the Earth is becoming more difficult, population instantly grows, air and soil pollution is on high level, and food production is not enough. Because of this human civilization will need to find other solutions to extend its existence. There are a lot of researches done for live outside our planet, but nothing significant has been found.

Elon Musk presents solutions for creating colony on other planet in our lifetime. SpaxeX will build rocket system capable of transporting people to Mars for around $200,000 per person. In the next 40 to 100 years he plans to create colony of 1 million people on the red planet.

Launches will be done when Earth and Mars are closest one to the other, every 26 months.


One of the key points for plan realization are refuel in orbit ability and producing fuel of methane using the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the ice from the red planet. Multiple stages fueling of the spaceship is very important to bring the costs of the project down.

For transporting people and cargo very large and fast ships must be build that will generate 200 kilowatts of power. The ships speed will be 62,000 miles per hour and for around 6 months it will land on Mars. Each ship will carry 100-200 people and for 20-40 years a civilization will be built on Mars.

Solar and geothermal panels will be used for providing energy on Mars and using the massive amounts of ice water will be produced.

Recently SpaceX rocket explode before launching. It was very big failure for the company, which opens questions are they reliable in transporting cargo and people to space. But they have ambition and plan and with help of the amazing mind Elon Musk who also supports Tesla Motors and SolarCity anything is possible.

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