CHANGE YOUR HABITS: Do You Know What Successful People Do On Lunch Break?

Experts say the lunch break key to efficiency and energy to be at the required level.

If while you are working or in a hurry to eat a meal that may affect the success of the business.

– Time for lunch is a chance to take the focus off work and be energized for the rest of the day – said the expert Michael Kerr.

Dale Kurov, a business consultant from New York, fully agrees with this view. He argues that successful people do not eat lunch at the table, but to spend time getting to know new people, exercising and reading.

– If you stay committed to the table, you will be increasing waistline, but not the results – he argues.

This is the 10 things that successful people do during their lunch break:

1. Plan a lunch at half-time

Successful people never arranged meetings at lunchtime and take at least 10 minutes after lunch to review their goals for the day and replace a list of priorities if necessary, said Ker.

2. Get up from the table and go out

Even on the occasions when you have to work at lunchtime, always get up from the table and go to another location.

3. Talk with other people

Successful people are always trying to agree on lunch with other people, at least once a week

4. Organize time and plan their free time after work

Take a short break to make a list of things you have to do in life – or to strike out a few things that are on the list.

The feeling that you have control and you organize your life outside of work will reduce stress and increase mental energy then you will be better focus on the job.

5. Take time to something really eat, and to eat healthy

Many avoid lunch because they are too busy or not hungry. But it is good to have and eat – even if a quick bite.

If you eat something in the middle of the day, a few hours after breakfast, you can get the energy and raise blood sugar in the body at the time when the concentration falls.

You need to eat slowly, appreciating the food with full presence. Otherwise you swallow food or eat fast junk food that will not only affect your health in the long run, but also increase stress levels and ability to concentrate during the day.

6. Exercise

Training during the lunch break increases energy and reduces the amount of accumulated stress and increases concentration.

7. A reflection on the work done in the morning

Lunch is the perfect time to assess what you are and what you’ve done so far. The feeling of satisfaction is a great way to keep a good pace and afternoon.

If you have had a difficult morning, remember that you can always press the “reset” button and after lunch start with positive energy.

8. Successful people read

They do not spend time reading e-mails and reports, but read newspapers, blogs and books, says Teri Hoguet, executive director of the business portal for women. Reading helps you focus, it gives you a mental break from work and gives you a much needed solitude.

9. They do things they enjoy

Pause used to find the friends, go to the store or stroll through the park. Of course, not every day you can plan something fun at lunch time, but sometimes lunch with a friend can be good for your productivity because you will be back in the office in a good mood.

10. Conducted a break, thinking about his career

Take a few minutes during lunch to write to your professional future should look like.

Successful people rarely have time to do the job. Take the diary and find a quiet place to write down your thoughts, and then decide which is the first step required to make their plans and desires and receive.

Also, successful people use the break to the imagination of new concepts, ideas and solutions that can be used and the professional and private plan.

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